The Bourne Mansion Russell & Aylin

Bourne Mansion with Russell & Aylin 

Where to begin . I met Russell & Aylin back in Late autumn of 2013. Our initial meeting was during their engagement session We had the engagement session at the Sands Point Preserve. What a great adventure ! . It was an amazing experience meeting them and speaking to them about their wedding .

 They were truly excited about the Bourne Mansion . They spoke of the grounds and history as if they grew up there . 

One thing that shocked me a little initially was the weather. May is turning into a crazy month. From a range of 20-30 min the weather took a turn for the worst but then cleared up again. 

This gave all of us a little brake from all of the commotion from the beginning of the day . 

We were worried because Aylin really wanted her ceremony to be on the grounds behind the mansion overlooking the water.  Ideally the best place for a ceremony is behind the mansion . Although it seemed that it would of rained , mother nature really wanted to make us happy and gave us that 1-2 hour gay where we got most of the portraits and ceremony done. 

 Their wish came true to recite their vows and give themselves to each other in a wonderful sunny day.  From the live music to the people and the environment everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Even the origin team had a good time and had amazing photograph to showcase . Towards the end of the night after every works out magically, I asked Russell & Aylin if they wanted a night-time shot in front of the mansion.

 We took this opportunity and it really did work out in our favor. I was so honored and happy to be a part of their special day. Looking forward to seeing them again . 

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