Morgan State Park with Nicole & Pete

Morgan State Park with Nicole & Pete


I initially met Nicole and Pete at our studio location back when we were located in Hicksville. She actually stumbled upon our pinterest boards and was very impressed on how elaborate the boards were for brides seeking knowledge regarding their wedding day . You can always find our boards here attached.(Pinterest Origin photos)She came across some of our boards and it gave her some inspiration .

Initially meeting Nicole and Pete for the first time was incredible. They had many of the same qualities that I look for in a couples. One thing that we look for in a couple is LOVE. It may be cheesy to say but without it , your photos will come out awkward and no matter how well lit it is or how beautiful the angles you are capturing , that 4 letter word needs to be present .

Its a very simple 4 letter word that in this world is…. (TAKEN FOR GRANTED). What is love ?  What does it truly mean to you? What can it bring to you and what does it take away ? There are many artist in this world such as Haddway(what is love ?) who usually complain about love .

Going back to an Engagement or perhaps a wedding , one thing that comes to mind is : something memorable , inspiring , and unforgettable. Love is those silly little love notes or things that you give to each other. Love is when you know you can’t live without him/her. Love is accepting all of your imperfections about each other.

I spoke to Nicole & Pete and I can honestly say this is truly visible . We decided to go and shoot by Morgan State park in Glen Cove. This is a wonderful location full of family laughter , nature, and beauty. Also the sun sets on the north shore which gave us an edge when doing our sun-down photos. Nicole and Steve didn’t really need much direction.

We also got a chance to go on a boat and enjoy the sunset during this whole experience . A very nice man by the name of tom at the Yacht club decided to give us a ride . There are Nice New Yorkers after all :). They were consumed by each other and this IS every photographer’s dream. I’m looking forward to their wedding at the Fox Hollow  this august and I can’t wait to photograph the last chapter of this wonderful legacy.

Filippo Barbarotto

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  • Exikha Davila - Wow! Love every shot you took for this couple. And Love what you wrote about them. The most important thing, for the big day is having a great photographer to capture the moment every bride and groom anxiously waits for. So happy that you’re our photographer. I admire your skills and profesionalism. Can’t wait! Im so excited!ReplyCancel

    • originphotos - This is a great honor to hear this wonderful feedback from our clients. Thank you Exikha for making us smile. We look forward to your special day coming up soon . thank you again .ReplyCancel

    • originphotos - Thank you for the king comments . We do appreciate the positive feedback and we are happy to help out our community as much as possible. We love our clients and we love weddings.ReplyCancel

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