What is important about your wedding day ?

What is important about your wedding day ?

Hey Guys thank you so much for reading or listening to my msg regarding this topic. My name is Fil with origin photos and today I wanted to discuss a little bit about a few questions and concerns that I have been receiving online for the brides.

Regarding budget . Don’t get stuck. That is a big problem to run into . I’m here to help you.

We understand that a wedding celebration is a lot of money. But you have to also understand . What is more important to you.
Take a pen and paper and write it down for yourself. See what is the most aspect or vendor for the day .

What is more important to you ? Video , photo , food , dj, band or venue. Coming from us we can tell you that the only thing you will have left at the end of your end or years to come is your PHOTOGRAPHS.

You need to understand very clearly and to get it through your thick skull is what is important to you ? Keep asking yourself this question so you can allocate to your budget properly.

Looking at it from a big picture . Thats how you allocate the proper budget for each vendor for your wedding day celebration .

No matter how much budget you may have 10k, 20k, 50k, or even 100k . Perhaps you may be receiving a wedding from mommy and daddy ? lol

The point is , If you feel like your wedding day celebration can’t go without a dj because thats the most important aspect of your day then focus on the dj first. Find the best music mixer out there.

If you feel like 20 years from now your video or photo (hint hint) may be something that you cant live without and don’t want to cheap out on . Then obviously hire the photo and video guy first.

Last thing you want to do is settle because of budget constraints and limitations.

The worst thing you can do for your wedding is settle for something that could of been and should of been .

Don’t let your budget determine wether or not you will have a good photographer. Believe it or not this is very important.

For example, I ha a client that came into my studio to compare me to some shoemakers that I cannot say out here in NY. Unfortunately I knew the studio very well and she even gave me their price sheet. Which I was completely in shock when she did.

Quality speaks for itself and the price -tag was as if we went to McDonalds together to pick up a few whoppers.

I honestly don’t know how some of these studios are still in business and I truly feel like this is what’s destroying this business.

At this point through all of the post-processing, rendering time, and the finishing touches, it will end up that not only do you loose money but you would end up paying more out of your own pocket.

I don’t blame the potential client, because she does not understand the process. For example, if I went to a mechanic and asked him for a few things in my mind I would think just like the client because I don’t understand what it takes to work on a car.

As far as budget is concerns, I completely understand that you need meet it and not exceed it however, what happens after the party ?. What will you have to remember the wedding day celebration.

This is something to think about 10 years down the line .
I really hope that answered some of your concerns regarding budget situations in certain tight situations.

Should you have any questions or concerns please email me, call me, or even comment below.



thanks for the support

Filippo Barbarotto



What is important about your wedding day ?

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