Nicole & Pete Wedding Celebration @The Inn Fox hollow

Nicole & Pete Wedding Celebration @The Inn Fox hollow


Where to begin with this wonderful couple. First and foremost, thank you for every single moment we had together. I’m truly upset that it has come to a good and happy ending. But at least we both became closer then ever and I’m completely happy with the results on both end. Well upon meeting Nicole & Pete at our old studio location in Hicksville we immediately felt a connection. She actually got to view one of our Pinterest board sand immediately contacted us for more information . Pinterest is such a great tool to give the client really power and decisions over their wedding. Its a superior way to window shop.

Genuinely I knew this was one couple that I had to be a part of. I do truly believe that with our studio we offer more than just photographs. The experience that we try to give to our clients, should and always is a unforgettable one. From the first meeting, to scheduling all of the little details such as , travel time which in most cases (Brides & Grooms) don’t take into consideration . And obviously, planning to actually capturing the best moments of the day . And what better day to have, over-cast, no shadows, perfect locations, such as Fox hollow & Planting Fields in Oyster Bay

. We started our day at the Fox Hollow Inn next door to their venue. Great hotel for preparation shots . All the rooms are “huge ” and with their personalized kitchen , Plasma TV, and even the White robes :). I showed up and Immediately there was laughter , love, and just joy all around. I started with the details such as rings , dress, (which Nicole assembled everything for me before I even arrived). That saved us time , so QUICK TIP # 1 Get all of your stuff ready in one location so WE as photographers can knock it out quick with no problems . We took also a few cute pictures on the bed with all of the bridesmaids playing, screaming , and just making funny noises . Obviously you can’t hear the noises from the camera, but I’m sure you get the idea by looking at some of the photographs. So shortly after we did a quick reveal so the bridesmaids had a chance to see the bride for the first time. I think there were some “HAPPY TEARS”, Nicole definitely selected a very good group of friends to be there for her throughout the day .

Although everything was planned perfectly, they were always willing to help out with anything . Church was awesome, there were some restrictions , but we make it work . We always have to take into consideration that this is a sacred place, I’ve heard of some horror stories where photographers have no boundaries and don’t really respect those boundaries that are set before you. . It is important to remember that we are in a church ,  because it can really disturb the ceremony portion of the day and this may be very important and sentimental to the bride, groom, and parents. and also friends and family attending . Shortly after a few photographs in front of church we headed over to the beautiful Planting fields .

Incredible location with a small fee, you can pretty much use the grounds as much as possible. Unfortunately we did not cover most of the grounds but we always aim for the most important locations , such as the castle, green house, and the big fountain. Beautiful location, so we normally suggest this place because everything is groomed properly and maintained . Back to the fox hollow for more Family portraits , follow by the party and their awesome and crazy guests. Let me just say, It was amazing to witness all of the dance moves these guests had .

I wish we had video because This would of been something fun to showcase. We ended the night with some beautiful night time photos. I recommend this to all of my couples . This is very important especially if you do the portraits a in the day.

This gives you a different feel for your photos so when you are ready to select the proper photograph for your albums , this can be an option for you. For the most part this was a memorable experience and Nicole & Pete were amazing to photograph and get to know.

We hope that we can build upon this relationship and continue to keep in touch in our journey. Thank you so much for reading this , and The photos of the gallery are attached in this blog as well as a few previews here on this blog.


Filippo Barbarotto (

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  • Megan - Thank you for a wonderful and memorable day, Fil! I know it must have been a challenge to wrangle a wedding party of 20(?!), but you were so organized and put us at ease so we could focus on Nicole and Pete. Every detail of the day was captured, and even moments I didn’t know about! Love the nighttime photos…what a great idea! All the photos are simply beautiful – thank you so much!ReplyCancel

    • originphotos - It was such a pleasure to be there for Nicole and Pete’s day. It was a magical day and a day that will never be forgotten . thank you for allowing me and my team to be there.ReplyCancel

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